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News for the Week of June 15

posted Jun 15, 2015, 6:46 AM by Penny Skildum


Oak Firewood for Sale - The trustees have decided to make available fireplace cut and split oak that was brought down by a volunteer crew last December.  These trees were cut down to try to prevent the spread of oak wilt in the grove of trees surrounding our outdoor worship area.  They did not have the disease yet.  The wood is stacked on a concrete pad at the back of the outdoor worship area.  Suggested donation is $5 per 8 pieces.  Your donation can be mailed to the church or put in the offering plate on Sunday, marked "firewood."  The money raised will be used to help cover the cost of treating oak trees around the outdoor worship area to prevent them from dying from oak wilt.  The goal is to keep adequate shade for the outdoor worship area so that it will be comfortable for our use.


Holden Evening Prayer: Our new Wednesday evening services have met twice! "It felt 'centering' to experience the music and rewarding to participate in the discussion", says Jennie Leete-Hunt. The worship experience lasts approximately 45 minutes followed by friendly conversation and a snack. If you are interested, curious or will be out of town this coming Father's Day Weekend join us this Wednesday.