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Celebrating Pentecost

posted Mar 22, 2015, 10:09 AM by Melissa Navratil
This coming Sunday we celebrate Pentecost, at time that God kindles embers of fire in our bellies. The breadth of God which blows into our lives is best experienced at what are called “Thin Places;” places in our lives were our spirit is nurtured and strengthened because God’s spirit meets us there. We all have places like that in our individual and family lives, hopefully worship is a time when we can all let go and gather to open our spirits to the presence of God. This is worship at its best. Below is a poem that talks about such a Thin Place experience.

Ode to a Gathering Place

We walk barefoot to the gathering place

Of our own true country

To a space embraced by our Creator.

There our hearts can grow in stillness.

Then by the Spirit we are nurtured,

And the hidden spring within us is revealed,

Its waters fusing with our very being,

Making us as one with the silence,

The mystery and wonder of all creation.

Then in the quiet of the night

The silent music of the stars fills us,

And we hear the whisperings of the sacred songs,

Another revelation of the

Spirit Gently saying,

‘All is of the ancient Dreaming.’

Ode to a Gathering Place,” by Betty Pike from The Power of Story, p. 192, © 2011.

During Holy Week let me recommend the following link for short 5 minute daily reflections