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Walking in the Mud

posted Mar 22, 2015, 10:06 AM by Melissa Navratil

Lazarus came out.” John 11:43


Do you want to be in better health? Walk!

Are you feeling like you're about to flip out? Walk!

Need to clear your mind? Walk!


Feeling stressed, depressed or anxious? Walk!

Need to work through a problem with a friend? Walk!

Are you spiritually dry? Walk!


You may not be familiar with the Latin expression, “solvitur ambulando.” The expression means that everything is solved by walking. Really? Is it that simple? Sometimes. It is amazing how the simple things, like walking, can be so important and life transforming .


This is especially true if we, like Lazarus, can hear the divine, “Life Giving” voice and respond as Lazarus did and walk out of what entombs us. But walking out of what entombs us is like walking in sticky, clingy mud and it is not done on our own, it takes the energy of “Life Resurrecting,” a desire for a newness of Life.


Divine “Life Sustaining” muddling means that as we face the problems of life, especially those that seem to defy solution, when all we have left to do is muddle through, we do not muddle through alone. We need to view our pains and losses, our terrors and closed doors against the backdrop of what it means to walk in the “Spirit of Life” and then carry on, clumsily if necessary, but in certainty that God flows even through our inefficiency, when our heart is tuned into the energizing power of the “Spirit of Life.”


Grace from Gary