God of the Everyday

posted May 4, 2017, 6:12 PM by Sue Fried
By guest artist Bobby Jo Valentine

I always find my biggest revelations about my faith and life- and the biggest challenges, too- by looking for God in the everyday.

Growing up in a strict Baptist family, an undercurrent idea was that God was "in the temple", our church grounds, and we were to go there to then deal with "The world", which was loosely defined as everyone and everything outside our church. How comforting to discover, the more I've grown, that God is constantly showing up everywhere, when we least expect it, and often in very 'un-church-y' ways! Sunday morning is a great 'check-in', but it's the God of the beautiful Tuesday evening sunset after a long day at work where I find just as much deep inspiration. It's wonderful to hear and sing songs that are 'overtly' spiritual or full of 'Christianese' (my friendly word for a language used in church and not many other places), but our God isn't big enough until we can find God in the love song well-written, the song of pain written truthfully that meets us where we are, in any piece of poetry that talks about love, joy, or peace.

That's why I love offering my music at churches- to fill these sacred spaces with the God of the everyday, with simple poetry and music that invites people to believe in something even bigger than we can imagine or understand. The God I know and love will always be wilder, larger, more mysterious and more expansive than any box I try to make. As a community of faith, I'm so thankful that Peace Church reflects that, and I'm incredibly honored to be a part of what you're doing in the world. I hope you'll bring a friend or three out to the concert that hasn't heard me before, so they can experience the music, and thanks for giving me a little moment of your time to talk about the wonderful, sacred mystery we all get to be a part of, revealed in Jesus and carried on in our own everyday stories, song, and acts of love.

Much love and music,
Bobby Jo Valentine