My Bobby Jo Experience....

posted Mar 31, 2017, 8:37 AM by Sue Fried
by Melissa Navratil

I know myself well enough to know there are times when I just need a little inspiration.  I need to surround myself with positive like-minded people or listen to positive music when I am feeling down in the dumps. For music I usually turn to a local Christian station, but find myself quickly abandoning it when the “preaching” starts or there is talk of not being inclusive.
Bobby Jo was introduced to me by our Pastor, Gary Walpole.  Looking for new ways to share what Peace is as a community and how we can authentically reach out to others who may be looking for the same experience, Bobby Jo’s email about a concert was a serendipitous event.  I pulled up a few of Bobby Jo’s songs on YouTube and found myself loving the message behind the poetry and music.  At the concert, I found myself thoroughly entertained but not in the same way Hollywood likes to entertain.  I became intertwined and uplifted by the music.  I sat by a friend and watched her expressions and could tell he had the same effect on her.  
Bobby Jo doesn’t preach in his music, he doesn’t try to change the way you think, he only shares where he has been, what he has gone through and how no matter how many times he tries to abandon religion, God’s love has a way to draw him back.  It wasn’t until I had the pleasure of dining with Bobby Jo (along with some other concert organizers) that I began to realize what a truly inspirational person he is.  I am not comfortable sharing the personal stories I heard that night, but will say he has gone through more pain and heartache than most see in a lifetime.  Yet he remains positive and knows there is a higher power guiding him and giving him strength.  
If you would like to experience the magic of Bobby Jo’s music, please join me on May 6th at 7pm at Peace Community of Faith.  I will be in the front row.