Peace Fantasy Football

posted Sep 5, 2016, 5:00 AM by Melissa Navratil   [ updated Sep 5, 2016, 5:01 AM ]
By Tom Randall
Each Sunday, in a scene reminiscent of the assembling of the ancient Sanhedrin, a group of Peace men gather together to reflect on the day’s message and to discuss in minute, meaningful detail those deep philosophical questions that Christians Ponder. Topics may range from how best to heave the hide of a cloven hoofed animal, to what exactly are the contextual and consequential differences between the Beatitudes and the Bud Attitudes or even whether the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself should actually apply to Aaron Rodgers. Oh, and we might occasionally talk a little football.

For four seasons now the PFL, a fantasy football league composed of Peace members, has brought together two of America’s favorite Sunday past-times. As befitting of a church league, it is never about the winning. Rather it is about camaraderie, connecting, how you play the game and actually, quite a bit about the not losing. For it has been written that he who is last shall drink first from the cup – or in this case, the dreaded Plunger trophy from which the last place finisher must consume a special beverage. And while the lack of emphasis on winning has everything to do with modeling Christian values it might also have just a little to do with the fact that the winner has to house the garish Viking’s reflecting ball trophy for the next year. In reality though, it gives us an excuse to gather several times a year and yet another avenue for fellowship at Peace.

Oh and no trash talking. Even, if for example Tim Fried were to lose by 100 points, no one would ever bring that up or make a big deal of it.

If you are interested in being part of a Fantasy Football League at Peace, please contact Gary