Vision Statement

posted Oct 3, 2016, 4:09 PM by Sue Fried
by Cindy Tidball

The Peace Task Force on Identity, Purpose, and Vision has been hard at work!  Thanks to all of you who made our work easier by providing your ideas at our two Listening Post Worships this summer and at Finding Our Future, a special Saturday workshop.  On September 26, members of the task force (Melissa Navratil, Chris Shorter, Cindy Tidball, and Gary Walpole) reflected, together with our coach Joy Skjegstad, on the ideas you shared with us.
Here’s our result—our vision statement for Peace Community of Faith, followed by three points about how we seek to accomplish it.  We believe that the following accurately captures the things we heard:

Peace is a progressive, multigenerational community of faith called to engage our world through the power of God’s love. We seek to accomplish this by respectfully:
  • Affirming that all people are a gift of God’s love.
  • Nurturing ourselves and inviting all into God's love and peace through eclectic worship, exploring questions of faith and addressing challenging issues of our day.
  • Inspiring hope through community action, advocacy and service, taking our faith into the world together.
It’s a daunting charge to craft such a statement by committee; we appreciate your trust in us.  If you have thoughts, insights, and/or questions, Gary would like to hear from you.

Next up in the Healthy Church Initiative work is a mapping process during which we as a community align our resources, time, and energy with our vision.  Stay tuned for details!